VMAA Web Portal

During the year 2014, VM Alumni Association initiated and resumed the subject of development of VM Portal. Earlier, substantial work was done by Dr Sandeep and few other members. It has been always VMAA’s desire to have a robust, friendly and interactive portal, which will help VM Alumni members to touch base with their own classmates and other VM Alumni members.

The portal   is expected to be fully developed and become live in a month’s time. Once the portal becomes operational, we expect to make changes and add morefeatures, depending on the user feedback.

Soon, the portal will be made available for VM Alumni to login and register

In order to ensure, we update the VMAA database, with correct information, each VM Alumni will be requested to follow the registration process and complete all the other requested information.

The success of the portal will be in the hands of the VM Alumni, and the Committee looks forward to their sharing the contact details, so as to ensure effective connect and communication.

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