The VMAA is right now looking at two projects. The first is based on a request from the school that you may be aware of. The school is tearing down its existing KG block and putting up a new structure on a total budget of over Rs. 70 lakh. The VMAA has promised to chip in and has set up a building fund. There has been consensus at our meetings that the VMAA should not restrict itself to just a single objective but broadbase its activities. One constant subject of discussion has been to see if the VMAA can help old teachers and other staff who may be in any sort of difficulty – financial or medical related.


The modus operandi is being worked out but in case any of you would rather contribute to a corpus to be used for such service activity please go ahead but let us know clearly which of the two objectives you would like your contribution to be used for – the building fund or the social corpus. How do you contribute? You could use the online payment gateway on this site. Or, if you are more comfortable making a cheque payment, then make your cheques payable to VIDYA MANDIR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and mail them to T.NEDUMARAN, 21 B, Luz Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. (Please note that to pay us directly in foreign currency you cannot be a foreign citizen!) Mail us for any clarifications.

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