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VMAA hands over a cheque for RTE students

Vidya Mandir Alumni Association has in the recent past been very active in establishing close links with VM Alumni members across the batches. In August 2014, as part of Vidya Vaibhavam celebrations, VMAA, the Alumni association received donations of Rs 15 Lakhs towards the corpus, with specific requirements to apply the interest there from to support the tuition fees for students admitted under RTE Act. For the academic year 2015-16, Mr M.Kannuswamy, President, VMAA handed over the cheque for Rs. 93,000/- to the Principal, Mrs. Shobha Raman.

This year 2015-16, being the 60th year celebrations, VMAA is planning to organize many events for interacting with Alumni members, as well as for the students of Vidya Mandir School, Mylapore.

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